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March 25th, 2009

May 23, 2009 “ NOW WHAT?”

That’s how I answer the phone when my caller ID says it’s Mike, my brother, calling. His faux indignation never fails to crack me up. But, as Arthur, my husband, says, “It doesn’t take much.” True.

Today-the event of my first blog and a perfect “Now What?” kind of moment, I’m three weeks post-release of my first book: THE NOT SO PATIENT ADVOCATE: How to Get the Health Care You Need Without Fear or Frustration. The nation-wide sales on Amazon and in independent book stores have been brisk.  Comments on Amazon have been gratifying, overwhelming and awesome.

Now What?

Take a look through the pages of both the and sites to get a picture of my background with its mixture of career high points and personal health low points (in the book’s excerpt from its Intro.).

Then…Read TNSPA at least once, discuss it with your loved ones, friends and care providers. Write notes in it; keep it handy. One day, you’ll need it, as I did when I was recovering from my third neurosurgery and second in 15 months. I’d ask Arthur to bring the galley’s final draft to me in my hospital bed so I could feel like a powerful patient-unafraid and less frustrated-a partner with my care team. It helped me, and I know it will help you.

Now What? Let me know what you think!